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CompuKey Locksmith

Serving Commercial Business in Middle Tennessee Since 1994

Nashville, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee

Tom Gillingham, Jr. CML, CPS, CIL – ALOA Certified Master Locksmith

Tennessee Locksmith License LS-057



The question we receive the most is: “How do I prevent my employees from copying their keys?”

If an employee returns their key, can you be sure they don’t have a duplicate? In most cases the answer

is no. Most common keys can be duplicated at the big box store. They may not work well but even a poorly

made key can obtain illegal entry. We can help you prevent this costly mistake.


We offer tiered systems to help meet your needs and budget.

Our first level is the Best Interchangeable Core. Best makes an excellent product and we only carry the keyways

not available at most key cutters. The product offers longevity and moderate key control at a reasonable price.

Approximately 85% of our clients currently use this system and have for many years.


In 2007 we began offering MEDECO products which include several levels of key control. Thus, the second level

of key control we offer is Medeco Keymark X4. The keys are controlled by the factory and can only be obtained

through dealer channels. Your employees cannot just go to the store and get these keys made. They are restricted

by a very strong utility patent that prevents manufacturing of the key blanks and lock cylinders. We recommend

this as a fantastic key control lock within a budget. We keep plenty in stock and it is available on a moment’s notice.


The third level of key control consists of Medeco and ASSA High Security Locks. When you want the very best, we can

provide it. Many of our clients currently use these products and they are manufactured so well that unless a key is lost

we just don’t even have to service them. They are the Sherman tanks of the security industry and just plain work well.


All of our systems are controlled locally and the authorized persons can obtain keys at any time while restricting

unauthorized users from being able to readily purchase duplicates. When you really want to sleep well at night knowing

 your facility is secure, we highly recommend Medeco, Medeco Keymark, and ASSA products on exclusive dealer keyways.




MEDECO Exclusive Dealer




KeyMark X4


ASSA Certified Service Center



Mailing Addresses:

CompuKey Locksmith

PO BOX 330849

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CompuKey Locksmith

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